Power of our Internal Dialogue and Goal Setting

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I am sure you will agree?.The fundamental key to success is effective goal setting. It could be related to your personal life or your business?setting goals lets us create our future before it actually happens. 

Setting goals helps us grow and expand, pushing ourselves to transform in ways that we never imagined. I had heard this beautiful saying ?Progress equals happiness,? and setting goals is what gets us there.

I always love goal setting a lot?.its one of my favourite topic?there are so many books, different programs, so much information on social media about goal setting?.however I always feel there is this one thing missing in this topic and that is ?.THE POWER of our internal dialogue when we set our goals?.
Frankly my little voice or the conversation with myself or the dialogue inside my head..the words that I use has had a profound and life changing impact in the way I set my goals? and today I want to share the same with you.

So before we move ahead lets look at the conversation we have with ourself when we set our goals or typically when we want to achieve something.
Does it go something like this?.

  1. I should increase my sales 
  2. I should increase my customer base
  3. I should think of some different marketing strategises
  4. I should manage my finances better ?..

Is this the talk that goes on inside..

One day I was talking to one of my client who had similar questions in mind and asked me how can I achieve these things.
I stopped him and said the first and the foremost is STOP using the word  SHOULD.  And asked him did he realise how many times he use the word SHOULD.  

Now listen to me deeply? our internal dialogue plays a major role in our daily lives and today we will talk about how it impacts formation of our goals. 
Now here is the problem if your internal dialogue uses the word ?SHOULD? you are either setting no goals at all or even if you set the chances of achieving them is low.
When we tell ourselves we should be doing something we are implicitly reinforcing the idea that we are NOT doing it.
Here is what happens if you say to yourself? I should increase my customer base or I should increase my sales..the unspoken ending to that is a doubt ?.I should but i don't know if i will?.The word should has an outside influence? and all goals set form the inside influence have major chances of success?
Let see how we can fix this?.??????????????
  1. Practise listening for the word SHOULD
  2. When writing goals I should increase my sales ?.instead use I am increasing my sale by 20% this year. Which becomes very specific, time bound and also has a believe in it.
  3. Review and ask yourself if its actually true.. do you really want to pursue it..

Most important STOP and take a look at the benefits of achieving or failing to achieve the goal.  Go deep and ask yourself ?
What you will realise is the benefits become more important then the goal itself?
Check your internal dialogue? it has super POWER ?.if you are using any should in your dialogues STOP it and start using sentences which have or exhibit more believe in it.

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