Tejaswini is a great coach and mentor. With her unique teaching, presentation skills, and also through her solid insights, Tejaswini will guide you grow your business significantly. If you're one seeking for running a successful business, Tejaswini is a name I recommend.

Alizee Denten
Priya Dalvi
Author, Speaker, Blogger

Tejaswini is an excellent motivator, transformer and coach. She helped me overcome the obstacles, shift my perspectives and thereby discover different approaches to achieve goals.

Alizee Denten
Vaishali Joshi
Manager - HR & Operations at Druva

Tejaswini Pisal gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. Her ability to recognize, understand and explain complex business relationships has changed my thinking, and most importantly, my actions for the better. She is one of the top contributors to the success that I enjoy as a business professional today. Before meeting her, I would be quickly overwhelmed with the challenges I faced in my profession, whether they were client related, employee-related or expansion of my work. Her ability to coach, make us delve into what is holding us back and shining a new perspective on the many challenges we face helped me to grow by leaps and bounds, both as an individual and a professional. I highly recommend Business Coach Tejaswini to all entrepreneurs who have all it takes to succeed in their minds but face problems in execution. I wish her continued success in her endeavor to help others succeed.

Alizee Denten
Priyanka Srivastava, FCA, FAFD
Income tax, GST Practitioner

Highly professional. Excellent coaching sessions and good interpersonal skills. It was a fantastic experience discussing on various topics, business problems, personal goals. The coaching sessions gave a path to follow. I am very thankful to Tejaswini for such a different insight..

Alizee Denten
Sagar Patil
Founder and Chairman -ThinkSmart IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

The coaching sessions by itself were very challenging and unique, In each stage it required me to focus on myself for getting the answers to the solution. Tejaswini brings in a high level of empathy and professionalism. These coaching sessions were very useful for me.

Alizee Denten
Dayanand Pethkar
Director - Universal Tube Accessories Pvt Ltd

Tejaswini is very confident, determined and her sessions helped me to unleash my true potential. she helped me to focus ,motivate and stretch my goals which was a real challenge ,In the verge to complete those goals and in the course of completing I saw opportunities to grow and a new perspective of my business,where I got clients for coaching.Her session gave insights into my business where I had not been in focus all these days. To add she is a wonderful Life and business Coach.

Alizee Denten
Harini Ramarathnam
Founder - Vibha Education Service Corp

I am happy to have Tejaswini as my Business Coach. The benefits gained from her coaching were extremely valuable. It has been a great experience for me. The coaching sessions helped me in many ways in terms of planning marketing strategies, to set the proper goal, increased customer base etc. She has enable me to focus on creating value, while at the same time challenging me to extend my goals so that I push myself to achieve more. All the sessions were throughly productive and ensured that I to do better each time. Few years back she was my colleague then friend and now Coach for my Business Venture. I really appreciate her work in this field and I am sure it will helps a lot to entrepreneurs.

Alizee Denten
Archana Naik
Owner- Archana’s Kreations

Fortunate to meet you Tejaswini during her group coaching program for soloprenuers. Tejaswini was my mentor and not only she spoke words of encouragement but also guided me step by step on how to make a move with all the hinderances, to set up a clear vision and move towards it positively. Thank you so much Tejaswini to help me get rid of my fear and take that first step ahead in achieving my dreams. I wish you all the luck and success and hope many more would benefit with your guidance and help.

Alizee Denten
Annapurna Kupast
Owner- Serendipity

Attending coaching sessions at Zest Transformation really helped me think clearly and setting up a clear vision for my company. I feel more confident now and have a positive approach towards my work. Tejaswini was very supportive and what helped is the way we communicated. I was at ease explaining the initial hiccups any new company would face. She coached the right way which would help my work and me grow. I know I can always seek her services for any kind of doubts or problems. I recommend this to every entrepreneur!

Alizee Denten
Janhavi Bijur
Founder and Owner - Mosaik

Tejaswini’s approach to coaching is not just about the professional aspect, but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches. Thank you so much for motivating and helping me find the qualities within me. I wasn't sure at all how a success coach is going to help me but now after just 6 sessions with Tejaswini I can see myself moving forward with a goal and a dream. She has helped me in looking at the situations or rather problems in a very positive and friendly way. She always made me feel like Oh! such a simple thing. There are so many ways in which one can look at a particular situation. She always made me focus on the targets set. Never let me move away from them. She has made me think in a way where now I am confident of finding a solution rather than staying stuck at it.(working a way around it). Setting the priorities has now become a routine for me. I would definitely say that the coaching sessions that I have had with her have been like a million dollars reward. I would recommend Tejaswini to any one who is looking forward to discover, clarify and align with what you want to achieve in life.

Alizee Denten
Arnika Patil
Owner - Arnika’s Academy

Coaching sessions with Tejaswini helped me get more clarity on my vision, business goals and projected target values. I have been able to develop more confidence and can clearly visualise the growth of my business in future. The coaching session helped me focus on my personal & professional development. I have understood the importance of branding and marketing my products more effectively and use different modes of communication to reach out the potential customer base. There has been significant progress of 35% in overall sale and around 40% increase in terms of profit. Thanks you Tejaswini.

Alizee Denten
Shilpa Inamdar
Owner - Cloy King

Tejaswini is a highly professional business coach who precisely knows and understands the clients need and requirement. Every business faces different type of challenges. If looking out for someone to guide through these phases she is the right person for it. Would highly recommend her.

Alizee Denten
Deepti Dhonsale
Owner - Sentido

Each coaching session that I experienced was thought provoking. It helped me work towards the goals that I have set for myself. Tejaswini is effective as a coach. She helps you bring your thoughts together to think deep and channel your energy towards realisation of your goal, at the same time being positive and using a constructive approach.

Alizee Denten
Maithili C
Global OD Head - Geometric Ltd

Excellent! Its a real pleasure to be a part of Tejaswini’s Coaching sessions. I would like to thank her for providing such kind of motivational coaching program. It is really helpful to focus on the goals with specific timelines. This is a thoughtful practice to keep rigorous consistency in our achievements.

Alizee Denten
Sandesh Zagade
Facility Manager -Supreme Landmarks

Through sessions, I realised my inner strengths and was able to focus in better way. It has also helped to set up priorities, achieving them step by step. Affirmations are helping in every stage, it gives me positive booster and confidence. Coaching sessions with Tejaswini has helped me to sail through rough patch of my personal and professional life.

Alizee Denten
A Kulkarni
Executive Officer- IT Company

I had a coaching session with Tejaswini her experience and expertise were really key to the success of the session. After the session I felt more oriented and aware of some of the critical aspects of the transition, and of some ways to deal better with them! I remember the time I was struggling on few aspects, not only to find the best way to get my job done but also how to overcome some barriers, and you promptly helped me in identifying the key issues myself and helped me address and tackle them tactfully. I enjoyed every bit of the learning. It has helped me become a better person.

Alizee Denten
Payal Sharma
Assistant Manager HR

I had an opportunity to have a 1-on-1 coaching session as well as attend a group session with Tejaswini and both the sessions were extremely useful in helping me to have better understanding of my goals & helped me in achieving them faster. She is truly an amazing mentor and a great coach.

Alizee Denten
Ninad Joshi
Sr Publisher Operations Specialist - PubMatic India Pvt Ltd

Tejaswini brings a refreshing perspective to coaching. She facilitates in probing ourselves deeper and dismantling our own perceived road blocks. This gives the clarity of thought and helps us act purposefully to achieve success

Alizee Denten
Rajesh Venkatramani
Delivery Manager at Tech Mahindra

Coaching sessions with Tejaswini have helped me develop skills to get new clients. I can now communicate more confidently, network and focus better which has resulted in expansion of my business vision and was able to have a good work life balance. Very valuable coaching session which allowed me to generate new solutions & Strategies. I have benefited tremendously from her experience & skills as a Business Coach. I would highly recommend her to entrepreneurs which are looking out for best results.

Alizee Denten
Radhika Jadhav
Owner - Pushpak Tours and Travels

Meeting Tejaswini was a very good experience her coaching sessions helped me boost my confidence and increase my focus as well. She helped me set my goals which in turn gave me a lot of clarity in terms of my client management. I highly recommend Tejaswini if you are looking forward to improving your business. I know I can always seek her services.

Alizee Denten
Sonal Tarde
Owner - Insignia Designs

After attending the coaching workshop with Tejaswini I started planning my activities meticulously. I was able to break my own comfort zone. Tejaswini helped me to setup small targets and on achieving those target I got immense pleasure which boosted my confidence and focus in my business further more. I definitely recommend Tejaswini to other business owners for their business growth.

Alizee Denten
Sayali Bhide
Owner - Parishkar Diamonds

"Working with Tejaswini has consistently brought valuable insights and techniques and often called on the addition resources that she offers, to assist with a specific issue. Tejaswini’s job to ensure 'I am accountable' for my actions and to challenge the choices I have made has transformed my thought processes and the techniques I employ to my business, ensuring my time is only spent on high value areas. I am now in control and own the direction of where we are going and have implanted into the business the tools required to ensure success. Having dramatically improved my work and life balance, something that would of been a distant dream just a few months ago!”

Alizee Denten
Sai Manohar Prabhu
Owner - Sai Manohar Prabhu & Associates (CA)