About Tejaswini Pisal

Tejaswini Pisal is a leading Transformation & Productivity Expert and a Coach and author of the ebook ‘10 Secrets to Enrich Your Entrepreneurial Journey’. She has coached more than 1000 business owners across the globe from various industries and domains.

Tejaswini is also a fantastic Facilitator, a caring Consultant, founder of Zest Transformation and TransformHER, a loving mother of two, a super cook, and an avid reader and artist.

Tejaswini has been encouraging and inspiring people to excel in all areas of their life.

Her forte lies in coaching entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, start-ups, midsize organizations, and solopreneurs for exponential business growth.

An accelerator and change catalyst to many businesses, Tejaswini is like a compass, helping businesses navigate challenges and succeed. She has the ability to understand every organization’s strengths and challenges, chalk out a plan to take it to the next level, and help achieve goals and objectives, getting results far beyond what they could have accomplished by themselves. Zest Transformation has many success stories to its credit, with Tejaswini is all set to bring thousands of people out of their comfort zones to take positive actions to grow their ventures.

Tejaswini has worked with various leading corporates, and over the years garnered rich experience across various functions. Having realized her true calling to be an entrepreneur, she took to coaching in order to support entrepreneurs and help them live their dreams. 

An International Coach with more than 15 years of diverse experience has been a part of many entrepreneurial groups. She has been awarded several times for her remarkable contributions.

Awarded The Lioness Business Builder Award 2018 at the National Conference for Women Leadership, she has also been featured in the Stars of Startup Online Magazine and Our Stories portrait under ‘She the Change.’ Honored with The National Leadership Award by Mahila Prashikshan Sansthan for an exemplary contribution towards Women Empowerment 2019.

Zest Transformation has been shortlisted among the Top-10 Most Promising Coaching companies by a survey done by Silicon India Magazine. 

She has successfully coached 1000s of professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse sectors such as IT, Manufacturing, Sports, Education, Sole proprietors of small businesses like Chartered Accountants, Architects, Trainers, and Coaches seen a 100% or more turnaround and growth in their business. 

She stays inspired by the belief, “Regardless of the endeavor one chooses, the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to the commitment to excellence.”


Tejaswini continues to inspire excellence and positive transformation in the lives of many.

On a mission to empower 5,000 entrepreneurs to build the lives and businesses of their dreams by 2020, she devises various programs for entrepreneurship success. 

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