Should you be Declaring your Goals – Top 4 Benefits

When accompanied by a public declaration, we are four times more likely to accomplish your goal; this is what research suggests. 

Most of us set goals quietly. But, few achievers are brave enough to put their goals & dreams out for everyone to see. 

Basically, goals are a promise you make to yourself or your team about something you would like to improve or upgrade in your life. Actually, you admit to a gap or an area you want to do well. Frankly, who wants to be so vulnerable as to let others know about that? 

It’s those people who want to reap the most significant benefits. 

While I coach, I encourage my clients to put their goals out there- be visible, let people know about your goals. When one keeps their goal a secret, one is only doing themselves a disservice. 

Here are four reasons to back up as to why you should declare your goals. 


Declaring your goal helps you connect to it and articulate it.

When you declare your goal, I am sure you simply do not want to commit to something you do not think you can achieve. When it comes to goal setting, then this principle can work to your own advantage. Before putting it out there for all the world to see, you will think twice about what you’re committing to and that’s the advantage.

Declaring your goal pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you pass through your fear. 

How frequently do you hear about how essential it is to face things that scare you and push yourself outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. What an opportunity! This should be a big enough reason for you to declare your goals: it’s scary. And that means it’s a good thing. I am sure you have heard, ‘with bravery comes confidence.’ The moment you take a brave step in life is the exact moment confidence begins to play a more significant role. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you know you’ve done something most people are too afraid to do.

Declaring your goal help to create an automatic accountability system for yourself. 

Keeping your goals to yourself is much easier. If things shift or you get lazy, it’s easy to push your plan back quietly and quickly! Problem solved. Once other people know about your goal, they’re generally inquisitive. They’ll ask you about it, causing you to talk about it more with others. When someone you know brings up your goal in the discussion, it means they care enough about you to notice and ask. Thank them at the end of the conversation, say you can even ask for help from them to check on you, telling them to ask how you are doing on your goal.

Declaring your goal puts the law of reciprocity into effect. 

Put good out and goodwill return to you. Call it the golden rule. Sometimes we can’t even explain it, but it’s as accurate as the law of nature. Success is a team sport, and one way to involve others is by letting them in on your goals and plans. Think about friends of yours. Do you know what their goals are right now? Likely not. But if you did, wouldn’t you help if you could? Of course, you would. Most people are good-natured and want to support others. By openly declaring your goals, more people become aware of what you’re trying to do with your life. As others become aware of what you’re doing, they’re more likely to notice, refer, suggest, or help you out themselves when opportunities arise. Granted, some goals are very private, and you may want to keep them to yourself.

But as you consider your goals/plans over the next three months, look for goals you can declare and see how much of a difference it makes on your road to success and accomplishment.

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